Success Stories

“I have spinal stenosis and it affected my hip.  The use of the Pro-adjuster took the hip pain away.  In 1974 I had a car accident, and had years of pain in my neck and across the shoulders.  The use of the Pro-adjuster helps so very much.  From a minor car accident in 1961 I have had sinus problems.  The use of the equipment on my forehead, cheekbones, around the eyes and nose works like magic.  I praise the lord for Travis, and the Pro-adjuster equipment.  It puts the spine back in alignment.  I look forward to going there because I know how much better I’ll feel when I leave.”

Donna J.

“My husband and I both got help from Family First.  In the past you couldn’t get my husband to a chiropractor.  I went first and came home and told him that this chiropractor was like no other chiropractor that I have ever seen or been to.  The new electronic devices he has are super.  The computer one is especially great and has really helped us both.  I have been telling anyone I know where to go get help on Chiropractic needs.  It really helped my hips and husband got relief from a stiff neck and hip.  The new way of Chiropractic service is great!”

Geraldine A.

“I had headaches everyday for years.  After a few visits they have completely stopped.”

Angie L.

“My experience with Family First was very positive.  I sought help to relieve back pain from a possible injury.  Dr. Travis was very caring and the treatments effective.  Family First will be my choice when further help is needed.”

Helen F.

“Before going to Dr. Mestad I had been a cosmetologist for 35 years and did lots of lifting.  I was on pain patches, muscle relaxers, and pain pills to tolerate it.  Now I have improved with treatments to where I take about 1/10 of the above.  It has been the GREATEST thing.  We drive 30 miles.”

Shari F.

“After nearly 2 months of headaches and ears that wouldn’t clear it only took 3 or 4 treatments from Family First Chiropractic to give me the relief I needed.”

Ted W.

“I have been to other chiropractors before, but at Family First Chiropractic there is no twisting or popping of joints, body parts, etc. The Pro-Adjuster is more comfortable and I needed less treatments then the traditional ways. I would go back for all my chriopractic care and would recommend Family First to all my family and friends.”

Paul M.

“I first called Dr. Travis Mestad with a back and hip that was out of place. He saw me that day and within 3 treatments I was feeling wonderful. I then asked about treatments for my migraines. I suffered from extreme migraines 20 out of 30 days. It was affecting my work and family. I had tried many prescriptions, doctors, and tests. None of them worked and I never got an answer to my migraine problems. Dr. Mestad was able to not only locate the problem that caused my migraines, but within a few treatments I was a whole different person and mother to my kids. I still see Dr. Mestad on occasion to keep my migraines under control. In fact, my kids and husband have told me that they sure like the migraine free mom a lot better. My 12 year old said I wasn’t soooo ‘crabby’ and my nine year old said I was more fun now. That says a lot on its own.”

Colleen G.

“I first came to Family First Chiropractic because of a painful shoulder. Dr. Travis made time to see me several times per week. Within a short amount of time I was able to lift and play with my kids, pain-free.”

Nicole M.