Chiroflow Pillows

Chiroflow Pillow Supports Your Head and Neck in Every Sleeping Position

Chiroflow provides unmatched cervical support thanks to its patented Waterbase® design, a thermally-insulated water bladder that responds to changes in your sleeping position to give you continually adjusting support.

The firmness of this water pillows is completely customizable so you get exactly the support you need by adjusting the amount of water in the water bladder: soft, medium or firm. The Chiroflow water pillow is so simple all you do is add ordinary tap water, no chemical additives are required.

The thermal insulator layer of the Chiroflow pillow prevents the water layer from heating up due to heat loss from the head and neck, keeping your water pillow cool and comfortable.

The comfort of the Chiroflow waterbase pillow is further enhanced by the super-soft, hypo-allergenic fiber layer that floats on top of the water layer for outstanding comfort.

Join the thousands who are enjoying a better night’s sleep, buy a Chiroflow pillow today!